An Open Letter To The Voters

Dear Voters,

Hi! I’m Bea. A 14 year old high school student. There’s been alot of talks about politics going on lately and well, that’s because the election is near. I honestly don’t know much about politics but I will try my best to explain what I wanted to say. Right now, the best conversation starter sentence has got to be “Who are you going to vote for this upcoming election?” because I pretty much hear this sentence everytime my mom is talking to either the Grab driver or the man that sells fruits or when she’s talking to her siblings. And their answers are yet undecided. Some of you may know me as a beauty Youtuber guru and beauty has a connection with makeups. The makeup industry is much more bigger than skin cares. You wanna know why? People find skin cares time consuming and or inconvenient. We want change NOW. Even though change is just temporary. Alot of us settle for the alternative route because we are not willing to pay the price of a long-term lasting change for our nation.

Let me ask you a question. Why are you going to vote for this candidate that you have in mind? Is it because its convenient? It will benefit you or the people around you? You know that person? You owe him/her? Or kasi binayaran ka? Your vote can change our country with just one shade in that tiny circle for the better, or worse. So now, I beg you to think it thoroughly on who you’re going to vote because its for me, your children, all of the people around here and for the next generation.

I know that change doesn’t work overnight and it just not take one person to do it. It involves alot of people. It involves all of us. Maybe not just at a snap but we can do it step by step. I’m not here to tell you who you should or should not vote. I’m just here to guide you in my own little way.

As a high school student, we always recite the Panatang Makabayan and sing the national anthem. “Ang mamatay ng dahil sayo.” — Dying doesn’t have to be physical. It is easy to say that we are willing to die for this country. But the question is, are we willing to sacrifice something for other people? Let’s be frank. For the candidates its not easy to please everybody. But still, they can’t help but try. If we fall for their words, maybe it can benefit us or maybe not us but them.

Dear voters, for our generation, this is what we wanted. What I wanted. For God to bless our nation. Not just for our generation, but for the generation after that. I want my future children to live in a peaceful country. Living with no fear. And not getting scared to go out and play thinking that he/she’s not going to get harmed.

We are Filipinos for a reason. We are born in this country to make this a better place. If we will not love our country, our nation. When and who else will?

Ikaw Lang Talaga

Ilang alak man ang inumin,

hindi malasing-lasing.

Parang pagibig ko sayong ilang beses mang ahunin,

lunod na lunod parin.

Kahit gaano kita pilit kalimutan,

multo ng alaala mo’y lagi akong kinukumutan.

Hinding hindi kita maalis sa aking isipan,

nagtataka kung paano ba?

Dalawang stick ng yosi tuwing alas-dos ng umaga,

tig isa bawat baga,

habang iniisip kita,

aking sinta.

At sa muling pagkamulat ng aking mga mata,

ikaw pa din ang nasa isip ko mahal,

wag kang mag alala,

dahil ikaw lang talaga.